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11.3.11 | Marina Abramović – A Love Story

In honor of the most recent American Federation for the Arts’ 2011 Cultural Leadership Award recipient, I introduce: Marina Abramović – A Love Story. Marina Abramović, also known as the “grandmother of performance art,” b. November 30, 1946, Belgrade, PR … Continue reading

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10.21.11 | Chinese Contemporary Art (中文)

中国当代艺术 最近二十,三十年来,中国的艺术发展得很快,变化巨大。在今年十月份的 ARTnews 杂志里有一篇文章描述下一代的中国艺术家。笔者 Barbara Pollack 解释,中国现在似乎有两代艺术家。老一代的艺术家跟年轻一代来比,他们的艺术作品,想法,生活方式等差别很大。中国的当代艺术也给国家,经济带来了很大的影响。这真是与一柄双刃剑:艺术作品有助于国家的经济发展,但是中国的艺术也许给艺术家,管理和负责人,欣赏人带来了重要的社会问题。 中国的老一代艺术家是1950年,1960年出生的。他们是文化大革命时期(1966-1978),在毛泽东时代长大的。所以他们受到了毛泽东和共产党的教育和培养。这一代艺术家在1990年代中期火起来以后,全中国,乃至全世界都可以意识到他们有一种从国际世界隔离的中国培养出的“中国身份”。比如说,一些流行的主题就是宣传文化大革命的画面,毛泽东的图像,改革开放的风景等。两位很有名的这种老一代的艺术家是徐冰(b. 1955)和张晓刚(b. 1958)。徐冰现在是中央美术学院的副校长。张晓刚的一幅“Bloodline: The Big Family No. 3” 2008年在 Sotheby’s 拍卖的价格是$600万。[1] 徐冰,张晓刚以及另外一些老一辈艺术家的身份地位都很高,在中国和国际艺术界很有影响。

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10.13.11 | The Contemporary Gallery

A Lesson in Relativity – Roles and Relations in Art Dealing If I have gleaned one lesson from my experiences in the realm of visual arts and art history, it is a lesson in relativity. Throughout art history and continuing … Continue reading

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10.13.11 | A Perfect Man

“It is, therefore, a source of great virtue for the practised mind to learn, bit by bit, first to change about invisible and transitory things, so that afterwards it may be able to leave them behind altogether. The man who … Continue reading

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10.9.11 | Whirlwind NYC

Ate my way across NYC yesterday, and looked at some art along the way… A few highlights: Nick Cave – at the Mary Boone and Jack Shainman galleries in Chelsea. I had seen one of Cave’s soundsuits at the Seattle … Continue reading

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10.1.11 | For Beginners

The entire rainy Saturday, lost in cyberspace! Clicked a few buttons left and right… and somehow ended up here. The internet is a big, scary place! The promise of commitment is even more daunting…

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