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12.9.11 | Art [ Basel ] Hong Kong

巴塞尔艺博会与香港艺博会 全世界最有名的国际当代艺术博览会每年六月在瑞士的第三大城市巴塞尔举办。巴塞尔位于法国,德国,和瑞士的边界交接处,所以它的文化丰富多彩。巴塞尔艺博会在1970年最先推出,三年后很快就发展成为全世界最大的艺博会。巴塞尔艺博会也被称为“艺术界的奥运会”。近年来,巴塞尔艺博会展示了300多家北美,拉丁美洲,欧洲,亚洲,和非洲的最有名,有钱,有地位,有权威的画廊。这些画廊代表的当代艺术家都是当代最出色,最有潜力的艺术家。巴塞尔艺博会办得很火,很成功。所以, 始于2002年,巴塞尔艺博会的业主MCH集团公司每年12月初在美国佛罗里达举办“迈阿密海滩巴塞尔艺博会”(Art Basel Miami Beach)。

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11.25.11 | NYC recap

Still recovering from two consecutive weekends in NYC– so much art, friends, and food! Went to a few Performa 11 events (including the opening of my new favorite duo robbinschilds‘ Instruction Construction and Mika Rottenberg & Jon Kessler‘s Seven performance), … Continue reading

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11.16.11 | Artist Profile – Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley: Living the Dream Kehinde Wiley’s story is the epitome of the American Dream. It is a familiar rendition of the classic success tale: an underprivileged Black youth manages to make it against the odds, achieving glory, wealth and … Continue reading

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10.13.11 | The Contemporary Gallery

A Lesson in Relativity – Roles and Relations in Art Dealing If I have gleaned one lesson from my experiences in the realm of visual arts and art history, it is a lesson in relativity. Throughout art history and continuing … Continue reading

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10.9.11 | Whirlwind NYC

Ate my way across NYC yesterday, and looked at some art along the way… A few highlights: Nick Cave – at the Mary Boone and Jack Shainman galleries in Chelsea. I had seen one of Cave’s soundsuits at the Seattle … Continue reading

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